Since 2017, custom furniture maker D’Andre Woodard has been helping his clients bring their visions to life through his brand, D’Andre Furniture.

In today’s fast-moving world, when people can get almost anything shipped to their door in a matter of days, it can be difficult to get people to commit to custom. But, as a one-man shop, D’Andre Furniture is uniquely positioned to turn a client’s abstract ideas into tangible dreams, offering a level of individualisation that larger shops and stores are unable to.

His passion for creating furniture runs in his genes. He recalls that his grandfather was the reliable handyman for his town – a trait that was passed on to D’Andre’s father, who imparted on D’Andre the importance of custom building.

These days, D’Andre’s specialty is mid-century modern, but he’s careful to point out that he does not limit himself to one particular style. Having experience in a wide range of aesthetics, he lets his client’s vision be the guide.

D’Andre is based in Austin, Texas – a city he values for its creativity and its support for local businesses. We asked D’Andre to share one of his favourite places in the city…


Passionate local businesses

"It's a great chance to support local business. Everyone who has a stand at the market is passionate about what they do, so even if you're just window shopping you can learn a lot about different trades. Plus the food is always amazing, and Mueller Park is a wonderful place for people of all ages."



Check out D’Andre Furniture’s designs and custom pieces at the link below.

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