Eyiwaa Agyekumhene is the founder of Ghanaian fashion brand KAYADUA, whose eye-catching bags and statement neckpieces have recently been capturing the attention of the fashion world.

It’s a labour of love for Eyiwaa, who created the brand in 2018 after graduating from Kwame Nkrumah University of Ghana just a year before. The brand takes a slow fashion approach, with KAYADUA pieces often being made by hand, and taking anywhere from one day to entire weeks of production time.

But the brand is about much more than intricately crafted pieces. - Eyiwaa wants to use the brand as a force for change, honouring the legacy of the elders in Ghana, while also inspiring younger generations to express themselves creatively. “I seek to encourage confidence, whilst telling stories through the pieces we make,” she says, underlining her desire for the pieces themselves to become storytellers.

Based in Accra, the capital of Ghana, we asked Eyiwaa to share one of her favourite places in and around the city…


A peaceful escape

"Currently my favourite place aside my home is Kyenku Falls...It's a feeling. It will be difficult to put into words. I will say it gives me a calm and an escape. It's not a well known location so I can literally have the whole place to myself when I'm there. Most times I get into the water and enjoy the calm it gives sometimes I just sit and watch the water fall."



Having grown up with her grandmothers, Eyiwaa was always inspired by their ability to create interesting fashion items with their hands, out of pure natural talent. Through KAYADUA, Eyiwaa, too, seeks to design and make pieces that can stand the test of time.

KAYADUA currently specialises in the making of accessories, but they plan to branch out into clothing in the near future. With stockists in Europe and the US, the brand is already firmly on the map. We’re excited to see where KAYADUA goes from here!

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