Gian Power is on a mission to make workplaces more emotionally inviting. As the founder of TLC Lions and The Unwind Experience – two startups that put wellness and mental health front and centre – Gian is having a big impact on the corporate world.

Gian’s journey all started after a traumatic experience upended his own life in 2015. It was during that hugely difficult period, when he finally opened up to colleagues in the corporate world, that Gian realised that he wasn’t the only one with a story – a realisation that gave him the confidence to launch TLC Lions.

Through speaker events and online learning, TLC Lions now supports over 150 organisations in 57+ countries, inspiring and encouraging employees to speak up and create meaningful emotional connections.

We asked Gian to share one of his favourite places to unwind in London…


Meditative walks

"This hidden gem is ideal to escape the city, a spot of meditation and some 'me' time away from the hustle and bustle. It's been deemed 'fit for meditation' since 1889 and it's worth a stroll to see how relaxed you feel when there too!"



TLC Lions are on a mission to ignite emotion in the workplace through storytelling, via their speaker events and Online Learning Series. TLC Lions are ordinary people with extraordinary stories, encouraging companies and organisations to allow employees to speak up in difficult times and focus on their wellbeing and happiness.

The Unwind Experience is the UK’s first surround sound meditation experience, aimed at helping corporate city dwellers relax.

Find out more about the inspirational work of TLC Lions and The Unwind Experience at the link below.

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