Meet our latest music crush: British-Nigerian artist, music producer and singer songwriter, Tony Njoku.

Best known for his music, Tony expertly fuses elements of soul and electronic music to craft his distinct sound, often loaded with synthesizers and punctuated by sparse piano. Music that challenges and inspires, each song is a unique soundscape taking the listener on their own journey.

Tony’s work draws from a wide range of influences, from musicians such as Björk (“I think her work is phenomenal”) and Thom Yorke, to visual artists like James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson (whose work was a huge inspiration behind Tony’s album, ‘Your Psyche’s Rainbow Panorama’).

Although born in Lagos, Tony has lived in London since he was a teen – a city he loves for its creativity, allowing him to explore and express himself in a way that other cities can’t. As such a creative force, we were keen to find out one of Tony’s favourite places in London…



"It’s hard to say what my favourite place is for several reasons, because in London there are so many places that have hosted so many great memories and given me so many great experiences, from gaining a sense of community to contemplating some profound idea, to having a first kiss with a new special person...

I’m a firm believer in spaces being collaborative (i.e. a space interacts with you as much as you do with it). So to answer the question, I love this place because of the many years of pleasurable and productive experiences it’s hosted for me. - It’s a space that has inspired many of my creative ideas. I’ve spent many days soaking in cultural events there, watching films, viewing exhibitions and concerts, writing lyrics, journalling, contemplating, going on dates and so on!

Also, I’m a fan of brutalist architecture and this is one of my favourite brutalist buildings in the city."



Tony’s music has been making our ears happy for some time now. From the frenzy of ‘Furious’ through the hauntingly melancholic ‘Nostalgic & Appreciative’, to the twists and turns of ‘In Greyscale’.

Check out Tony’s music at the link below, and keep an eye out for his upcoming shows, including a tour with Ghostpoet. Get listening!

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