WMD is the solo electronic music project of Seattle-based musician, Michael Erickson. Often described as a unique blend of chillwave and ambient, WMD’s music incorporates lush synth and minimalistic electric guitar, with the resulting layers of sound stirring feelings of nostalgia, contemplation and melancholy (from early morning sunrises, to never-ending lazy summer afternoons, to those darker moments where we turn inwards).

Having grown up in a small town in the Pacific NorthWest, Erickson began producing music at a young age. Inspired by the internet chiptune music scene, and artists like Bit Shifter and Anamanaguchi, he released the album Sophrosyne aged just 16, going on to release numerous albums and EPs since.

Now based in Seattle, WMD has been playing shows in and around the city for 6 years, and his love for the place is evident: “I don't think there is anything that would make me want to leave Seattle’s vibrant music and arts scene.”

With such a love for the city, we asked WMD to share one of his favourite places…



"A good part of my last summer was spent hanging out in the live room here. There's a small record store and coffee shop, and you get to watch the radio broadcast room while they're on air too. There's also live shows from time to time, so it was always exciting meeting up with friends there not knowing if there would be a performance or not. KEXP is the perfect place to stop to hang out, listen to music, and grab a coffee."



Discover WMD’s back catalogue on Bandcamp (link below) and keep an eye out for some new music on the horizon!

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