Ibiza has a very special place in Christian Sarnelli's heart. Ever since he first visited the island in 2002, he was enchanted by its nature, its people and its party.

Although originally from Naples, Christian spent many years travelling the world, spending his winters in places as varied as Australia, Uganda, China, Morocco, India, Fiji and many more. When summer came around, though, he would hear the call of Ibiza, and he'd head back there to work the summer season.

The call of 'Mamma Ibiza' (as he calls his spiritual home) finally grew too strong and Christian took the decision to settle on the island. In July 2016, he set up the amazing WeLoveIbiza Art Car Project, allowing visitors to rent unique 'art-cars' to tour the island.

We asked him to share some of his favourite places on the White Isle...


The abandoned club

"Festival Club is an abandoned club surrounded by nature and full of graffiti art. Many legends are rumored about this place, some even say Bob Marley played there. I don't really care to verify the story of Festival Club because in my opinion, it gives it a sense of mystery behind it, making the place more interesting.

I usually go there on sunny days, it helps me to feel relaxed. I think each corner of this place is a piece of Ibiza's history and an expression of art. As the place is high above sea level, there are some nice views that can be seen just walking around the place. I highly recommend this spot to take some nice and colourful pictures. My suggestion is to carry some food and drinks with you - but please keep in mind to respect the environment."



That old Ibizan soul

"The Sant Jordi market takes place every Saturday. I love what this place generates because it unites all kinds of people and still keeps the old Ibizan soul. You will see some old school people dressed in original ways. When the market ends, those people usually play drums, making a friendly and cool atmosphere.

As it is a second hand market you can find all kinds of things at very cheap prices, from handicrafts to vintage stuff and much more. Anytime I go there I find something unique to buy. There are also some places where you can buy food and drink."



Good vibes only

"It is an amazing bar on the road to San Josep. If you want to hear some good rock, blues, and country music, the best day to go is on a Saturday. It is quite an experience, people of all walks of life united with a single interest - good music and good vibes - and that is what Ibiza is all about!

I think this bar is a very authentic place to visit here in Ibiza. The best time to go is early afternoon, just after 'Mercadillo de Sant Jordi'. Amazing people, good selection of drinks and music... highly recommended!!!"



A hidden oasis

"Atlantis is an amazing place to visit. To get there you need to walk about 30 minutes down the mountain until you reach the sea. The way back is uphill so you will need around 1 hour to get back.

A long time ago, stones were extracted from this place to build the medieval wall of Ibiza Town. That's how it formed a natural pool where you can spend the day relaxing. On the way down you will see some caves where hippies lived in the past. My recommendation is to wear shoes and bring some food and water. Please be respectful, bring back your garbage and pay attention to the local flora and fauna."



Artisan crafts in a relaxed setting

"This market takes place on Sunday morning in the north of the island. I think it's really worth visiting because at the same time you visit the market you will also visit the pretty and old village of San Juan. All the best artisans are there selling handicrafts, in case you were planning to buy souvenirs this is the right place to do it.

I love this place because there is also a live band playing music. This place is visited by locals and tourists alike and all together it creates an amazing atmosphere."



The WeLoveIbiza Art Car Project all started with Christian's very own Citroen Saxo. The project now recycles a variety of second-hand cars (in Christian's words, "durable models, with less electronics!"). With the help of professional mechanics, they carry out a thorough check of each car and restore the bodywork, before working with artists and craftsmen to give each 'art-car' its own look inside and out.

In addition to car rentals, the project also offers experiential routes. - Clients drive the cars themselves but with Christian as a guide, who takes them on a tour of the workshops of artisans and artists living in the various villages on the island. We can't think of a better way to discover the true nature of the place!

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All photos are copyright 51 Squared B.V. except: Portrait (Image courtesy of Christian Sarnelli); Festival Club (Credit: WeLoveIbiza Art Car); Mercadillo De Sant Jordi (Instagram @jackiertrancoso); Bar Can Jordi Blues Station (Instagram @canjordiblues); Atlantis (Instagram @djbensantiago); San Juan Market (Instagram @mercadillodesantjoan). This feature was not paid for in any way.

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