Moritz Bauer is not just a talented filmmaker, he's also a seriously inspirational guy. His posts about travel, fitness and motivation caught our attention some time ago, and his work has since become one of our favourite things on social media.

Based in Hamburg, Moritz is incredibly proud of his city and he was keen to share it with F1FTY. - When we reached out to him, it was clear that he just got us:  'I want people to travel more', he said. 'It decreases stigmas, stereotypes and resulting discrimination issues, so I'm happy to promote the cause of international interactions.'

We asked our favourite Hamburger to share some of his favourite places in the city...


Lakeside strolls

"My favourite place in Hamburg is the Außenalster. - It's the outer part of the Alster Lake in the middle of the city, surrounded by beautiful parks and an 8-kilometre footpath, perfect for Sunday strolls or running."



Iconic iron + brick

"Speicherstadt is a part of the city you will find nowhere similar in the world. Small canals, iron bridges and old red brick warehouses are an essential part of the typical image of the city."



The centre of counter-culture

"The 'Schanze' is where all the young people meet after work or class and where you can find nice bars and authentic street food."



Famous street in affluent Winterhude

"Mühlenkamp is a street in one of the most expensive parts of the city, Winterhude. The houses are old here and the street almost has a 'Brooklyn' vibe to it. Also it is super close to the Außenalster."



World class music + architecture

"Last but not least is, of course, the Elbphilharmonie - the opera house right next to the river Elbe. It is at the centre of the city, next to the harbour and its majestic yet modern appearance is not the only cool thing about it. The acoustics on the inside is known worldwide to be spectacular, & during the daytime, you can go up to the 17th floor for free and check out the view from the balcony that wraps all around the building."



You can catch Moritz's work on his YouTube channel: MORITZXBAUER

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All photos are copyright 51 Squared B.V. except: Moritz Bauer profile photo (Courtesy of Moritz Bauer); Aussenalster (Credit: Karsten Bergmann); Speicherstadt (Credit: Unsplash Meduana); The Schanze (Credit: Robert Katzki); Elbphilharmonie (Credit: Jonas Tebbe).This feature was not paid for in any way.

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