David Sore is a Marketing Director who has lived in London for nearly 20 years. He recently moved to a 16th Century cottage in  Hertfordshire, where he is finding a new passion for decorating,  but he still commutes into London every day for his work.

David's London is a city of history, culture and intrigue. For theatre lovers, there's no place quite like it, with something new and exciting  popping up all the time. Factor in amazing food  and a ton of interesting museums, and the options on offer can be almost overwhelming.


F1FTY asked David to filter out some of his favourite places in the city...


Taking immersive theatre underground

"An atmospheric  events space under Waterloo Station which always has something intriguing and  unique on in the field of immersive and alternative theatre, mostly with a real sense of having discovered a secret, welcoming community. The perfect weeknight adventure."


A market with soul

"In Elephant &  Castle, a mix of indoor and outdoor spaces meld craft markets and craft beer. Checking what's on you'll find the ideal busier or quieter times as well as upcoming craft stalls and music events. All sustainable and with more soul than the Boxpark  initiative. Ideal for lazy Sundays, birthday gifts and catch ups."


Sincere seasonal cuisine

"For a  small restaurant in Clapham Old Town, The Dairy punches far above its  weight. I have never had a better food experience than their tasting menus - both  vegetarian and omnivore versions. The menu is seasonal, affordable and creative without being extreme. The staff know the story behind each dish and the venue is intimate and very special. I'd recommend for birthdays... and any other day!"


Exciting new theatre productions

"Architecturally masterful, this recent addition to London's South Bank seems to have consistently been home to exciting new productions thanks largely to the transformable auditorium layout. This optimising approach results in each  production bringing something new, including Nicholas Hytner's imagining of A Midsummer Night's Dream, where the audience were able to assemble at the centre of the entertainment. A special mention to their bar and café (with its own bakery); in my opinion the best theatre  bar in London."


Delve into nature's curiosities

"Since the phenomenal Hunterian Museum is now closed until 2021  and the charming Geffrye Museum is reopening as The Museum of the Home in 2021, my vote for best lesser-known  (yet still open) London museum goes to the Grant Museum of Zoology. Aware that I am easily in danger of overhyping this to the uninitiated; on the one hand, it is simply a collection of taxidermied specimens. On the other hand, this is life itself! The collection offers a fascinating  stroll at your own  pace through a magnificent hall of nature's oddities and its beauty. For those interested in evolution, it is a must."

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