Domenico Mingrone started  taking photographs 10  years ago while studying at the University  of Turin.

These days, he works for a worldwide sports company, but his spare time is  still spent among pictures, movies, books and jazz - and  he often has his camera in hand. 


He started out taking landscapes and urban architecture, but the power  of street photography soon won him over: "I learned how  to get lost in the  streets and in the crowds, during my numerous travels around Europe." - "People and streets have a unique way of telling stories," he explains."They offer extraordinary moments in which it is possible to capture all the voices of the world."

Here are some of Domenico's favourite places in his home city of Turin...


A slice of history

"The main square of the city. It is the place where the most important and significant events are celebrated. It houses the Royal Palace and Palazzo `Madama, UNESCO heritage buildings that hosted the Savoy royal family for at least three centuries."


Nightlife along the river

"The church of the Gran Madre, at the foot of the Turin hills, offers one of the most suggestive landscapes of the city on the right bank of the Po river.  Walk over the bridges or along the Murazzi, the name of the riverside. Here you can  savour the nightlife of the city, with its discos and outdoor venues."


Paradise for cinema lovers

"Cinema Massimo is one of the symbolic places of the city with the Cinema Museum. Each year it hosts the Turin Film Festival , one of the most important film festivals in Italy. Throughout the year, it offers a vast calendar of events and both past and contemporary film programming."


A maze of ancient streets

"I love getting lost in the labyrinthine streets of this village, built by the Romans centuries ago.  In its narrow streets there are typical clubs, intimate and  gourmet restaurants,  all types of cuisine, tea rooms, pubs and soft lights everywhere."


Late night jazz + cocktails

"A unique meeting place for jazz lovers, this place turns into a delicious restaurant. It's located in Valdo Fusi square, which also houses an extraordinary original brewery called Open Baladin."

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All photos are copyright Domenico Mingrone.  This feature was not paid for in any way.


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