Gianmarco De Filippis is an avid traveller. When we caught up with him, he had just returned from an epic trip to South America, from the rainbow-hued hills of Vinicunca and the majesty of Machu Picchu in Peru, to the salt plains of Bolivia. - His stunning photographs of such places have earned him a large (and ever-growing) following on Instagram.

Gianmarco hails from the Eternal City: Rome. As a fiercely proud Roman, we had a feeling he'd know some of the best places the city has to offer. 


F1FTY asked Gianmarco to share some of the places that will give you a taste of this fascinating city.


Where it all started

"The Trastevere district is the place in Rome where the Roman people were born and developed. This neighbourhood will take you back in time and make your heart jump. - Ancient streets, steeped in history, full of characteristic and typical places of ancient Rome, where you can lose yourself in memories, wonders, typical cuisine, shops, and wonderful churches..."


A surprising landmark

"The Gazometro is the emblem of the industrial revolution. A reference point for young and old, Romans and tourists. Seen from afar, it is very fascinating, rising  in the Ostiense district which is now in continuous movement and transformation - famous and popular for its bars, restaurants, and nightlife spots."


Slick cocktails with a twist

"A suggestive and psychedelic restaurant with an out of the ordinary decor, where you can enjoy an excellent cocktail, a wide selection of whiskeys and Japanese rarities."


The best views

"Rome's most famous and most loved terrace; a vantage point to enjoy the majesty of the 'Eternal City'. In addition to the panoramic terrace, you can lose yourself in a huge garden, where you can relax and breathe in the nature of Rome."


The unmissable icon

"The symbol of the city - one of the seven wonders of the modern world - needs no description. You can see it a million times, but when you find it in front of you, you always remain breathless and understand the grandeur and charm of Rome."

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