Moataz Al-Sharif's work hits you like a colourful slap in the face. Striking yet subtle, his images offer a glimpse into another world - a rich but deliberate colour palette, sharp angles and visual illusions all combine to create his signature  style.


The photographer and graphic designer is based in Cairo, Egypt - a city and country so steeped in history  that everybody has an image of the place in their head. But what does it look like through the eyes of a local?

F1FTY asked Moataz to share some of his favourite places in Cairo and the surrounding areas...


Uncovering history

"The experience of visiting the Pyramids of Giza will never get old. I have lost count of how many times that I have actually been, but I always leave having seen and experienced something new. I  highly recommend exploring  through the desert plateau where temple ruins, tombs, and smaller satellite pyramids can be  seen."


Blissful beaches

"The North Coast, also known as Al Sahel, is by far my favourite beach location in Egypt. The northern coast of Egypt is only a two-hour drive away from Cairo and extends for just over 1000km. The experience of being amidst the crystal clear water and white sand always proves to be enough to keep me going back."


A unique destination

"Hurghada is one of Egypt's main tourist centres located on the Red Sea Coast. At just under a five-hour drive from Cairo, it is a very popular destination, especially for longer holidays and vacations. From the coral reefs to the nightlife and restaurants, Hurghada is definitely a surreal and unique experience."


Weekend getaway

"Ain Sokhna is a town located on the western shore  of the Red Sea's Gulf of Suez. A very convenient location to get away for the weekend as it is just under a two-hour drive from Cairo.  The still and shallow waters are breathtaking as you can easily swim a few hundred metres into the Red Sea."


The bustling bazaar

"Khan El Khalili is a famous bazaar located in the historic centre of Cairo. One of my favourite places to regularly visit as the atmosphere and environment is truly one of a kind. As you walk through the bazaar and small shops you are surrounded by history and architecture at every turn."

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All photos are copyright Moataz Al-Sharif. This feature was not paid for in any way.


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